Don’t even try to FACTUALIZE me!

MY MIND IS MADE UP!  Don’t try to confuse me with the facts.

That seems to be the overwhelming attitude of Trumpublicans and people who still call themselves Republicans.  They are all simply DUMBASS RethugLiKKKers!

First it was The Secret Service.  Then it also included the BIG SHITS at Homeland Security.  NOW it includes The Pentagon!!!

First on CNN: Jan. 6 text messages wiped from phones of key Trump Pentagon officials

DOD ‘wiped’ phones of Trump-era leaders, erasing Jan. 6 texts

Jan. 6 texts of Trump Defense officials wiped clean by Pentagon, court filing shows

Who is NEXT?  Anyone who supported and still supports Donald “The Dumbass” Trump, that’s who!

Trump is a LIAR!

THOUSANDS OF LIES just in the four years Trump was America’s First Communist President!  THIRTY THOUSAND LIES.

Trump was LYING way before that.

Trump Faces Questions About His Net Worth in Interview He Tried to Avoid

Trump is still LYING!

Fact check: There were shortages when Trump was president Fact check article ·


“He’s for China, I’m for the US, but other than that, we love each other,” the 45th president said of Xi during the annual World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

However, just months later, Trump’s attitude had shifted. He pointed the finger China over the spread of COVID-19, famously dubbing the illness as the “China virus.” 

Trump rips Pelosi over trip to Taiwan: ‘Always causing trouble’

Can Trump be TRUTHFUL about anything?  NO!  No Trump cannot.  Truth is NOT defined by him as TRUTH!  It is just another LIE to him.

Just like Trump, their dumbass minds are already made-up.  With MADE-UP facts.  Alternative facts.  LIES!  (They are simply  dumbasses like their leader!). Until they are TOLD to change their minds by THE MINDLESS ONE! (Trump.)

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