A Traitor. A Communist. And really FULL OF SHIT!

Of course Trump “SIDES” with RUSSIA!  Like he did in Helsinki!

Trump Sides with Russia Over Brittney Griner

Donald Trump slams reported prisoner swap of Brittney Griner, Paul Whelan for arms dealer

Trump: Brittney Griner prisoner swap for ‘Merchant of Death’ doesn’t ‘seem like a very good trade’

Trump speaks for THE RUSSIANS and PUTIN, because TRUMP IS A TRAITOR!  

Basically Trump is a Communist Lover! Trump works for Putin, has FALLEN IN LOVE with Kim Jong-Un, and fed great Chocolate Cake to Xi JinPing.

Donald J. Trump is America’s FIRST COMMUNIST PRESIDENT!

Arizona House Speaker doubles back, says he’ll ‘never’ vote for Trump again

Rusty Bowers Trashes Trump, Defends Jan. 6 Testimony

Rusty is RIGHT about the ORANGE-MAN!  TRUMP IS TRASH!!!

By the way …


Top Fertilizers Exports by Country 2021https://www.worldstopexports.com › top-fertilizers-exp…

Probably because Russia and China are so FULL OF SHIT!

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