Dump Trump and Liquidate Lake!

Some people are just too stupid for their own good.  They need to be locked-up, in padded rooms, to keep them from hurting others, or themselves.

People who believe in InfoWars, Alex Jones, QAnon, Weasel Zippers or Donald Trump fit this category.  All of those people really need to be locked away for their own good.  (By the way, Alex Jones lawyers must have gotten their degrees from the DEFUNCT Trump University, you know DEFUNCT because Donald Trump LOST that LAWSUIT, at the Rudy Giuliani School of Good Lawyering.)

Insurrectionist (January 6, 2021) and those who believe The BIG (Bigly) LIE and any ‘Alternative Facts’ really should be separated from society and left to fate.

Kinzinger: Subpoena of ex-White House counsel ‘probably bad’ for Trump

Yah.  It’s “probably bad” for Donald ‘The Dumbass’ Trump.  Not the worst.  But still “probably bad”.

p.s.  The BIG LIE BACKERS who won their RethugliKKKer Primaries will go down to smell DE FEET in November.  They will LOSE BIGLY, like that BIG and UGLY (BIG-LY) LOSER TRUMP!  Especially ‘FAKE LAKE’ in Arizona!  (You know, Hairy Kari!)

Kari Lake may be a Flake, but she is good lookin’!  I’d FUCK HER, but no one with a brain that’s not in their penis is gonna VOTE for her.  She’s just another one of Trump’s whores!  (That’s an opinion and everyone is sticky to it.)

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