Montana is the Big Sky Country, but Texas is the Small Minded Idiocracy!

Quick!  Throw a fence around Texas,  Call it a ZOO!  Charge people to look at the MONKEYS!

1.  They have a big old shooting in El Paso!  (But that’s no big deal because it was mostly Mexicans who got killed anyway.)

By the way:  Do YOU know what a Texan is!  It’s a Mexican on his way to Oklahoma!  (Texans don’t like that description.  I wonder why?  Could they be RACISTS?)

2.  Then they have another huge shooting in Uvalde, by a guy who bought his guns on the day he turned 18.

3.  The cops LIE about what they did and when, because basically they did NOT do a damn thing for 77 minutes, and they have been lying about it ever since.  Even the mayor of Uvalde is a liar!   (There were about THREE HUNDRED SEVENTY SIX COPS in Uvalde, and at least 17 in the hallway of the school, with their thumbs up their butts, while little kids were calling 911 and still being killed by an 18 year-old with an AR-15.)

4.  A few days later, a few miles away and before all the DEAD bodies were even in the ground, Texans held a big ol’ NRA CONVENTION extolling the virtues of GUNS. Like the GUNS (AR-15’s) that killed those 19 children and two teachers in Uvalde!

5.  Now they have a CPAC Convention, with a HUNGARIAN CLONE of ADOLF HITLER giving the kick-off speech to his fellow RACISTS about RACISM and white power.  And the DUMBASSES applaud him!

6.  Then they have another NAZI/Communist Lover/Wannabe DICKtaterTOT, named Donald J. (The J is for JackAss!) Trump, give another speech, chock full of LIES and more racist remarks.

7.  Then they vote, and Trump, the second racist LIAR, WINS!  (The first one, Vic the Ick, would have probably won if he’d been from America and didn’t already have a job leading his RACIST CUNTry.)

8.  Texas has always had Right Wing nut-jobs like Ted Cruz, John Cornyn, Ronny Jackson, Louie Gohmert (and the like) running for and winning its main offices.  (Next door they have an asshole named John Kennedy, but not the REAL JFK, of Louisiana as their senator.). Lose-ee-annie’s John Kennedy is a real DICKHEAD!

9.  Plus, Texas has an asshole like Greg Abbott as its governor!  (It’s been a long time since The Alamo was fought, which is also just a little ways away from Uvalde.). In fact Mothers Against Greg Abbott is the new ‘MAGA’ in town and those are some Damn Mad Mothers!

We could go on and on about all the weird shit Texas has and has had, at least since The Alamo, but this is plenty for now.


Throw a FENCE around Texas!

Call it a ZOO!

Charge people, NORMAL PEOPLE, some money to look at the monkeys inside of Texas!


p.s.  Some GOOD that could happen to Texas is that Beto O’Rourke beats the crap out of Greg Abbott and replaces him as governor, Ted Cruz takes up permanent residence in Cancun, Mexico and Louie Gohmert eats his asparagus, aspersions and all, and chokes on it. 

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