Trump needs to STOP being a TRUMP!

Trump, Michigan, Wisconsin and McConnell …

Michigan AG calls for special prosecutor in case now involving her Trump-backed opponent

GOP nominee for Michigan AG named in election security breach probe

Trump-endorsed Michigan attorney general candidate named in state election probe

Analysis | Trump wants to punish a Wisconsin legislator for not stealing the election

McConnell gets win on Trump in NATO vote

Two more books about Trump.  First, Trump and HIS Generals …

Inside the War Between Trump and His Generals

New Book Chronicles Trump’s Fraught Relationship With Top Military Officials

Milley vowed to fight Trump from the inside: book excerpt

Trump demanded his generals be loyal like German generals were to Hitler

Ex-president sought ‘totally loyal’ generals like Nazis as pics show flushed documents

The second is about Trump and his Toilet.  The Trump Toilet!  TTT!  

Trump tried to flush documents down White House toilet, new photos show

Exclusive: See the Trump toilet photos that he denies ever existed

Haberman confirms Trump habit that was bad for plumbing and his presidency

Trump flushed ripped-up papers down the toilets after all, photos reveal: book

There really should be a book about Trump and his LIES at CPAC …

Former Trump aide calls Trump’s CPAC speech ‘shameful’

Donald Trump’s Chances of Beating Ron DeSantis as CPAC Straw Poll Released

Trump calls Jan. 6 instigators, Gretchen Whitmer kidnap plot ‘fake’

Ex-president again hints at 2024 presidential run during Texas speech

Sen. Graham has a message for Trump if he runs in 2024

Graham says Trump needs to stop focusing on 2020 if running in 2024

TRUMP JUST NEEDS TO STOP!  Stop everything!  Stop it all, at least STOP THE LIES!  Trump needs to STOP acting like a TRUMP!

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