Trump is a FAKE Billionaire, FAKE Politician and Obama knows it! (Trump knows it too!)

With a fellow GOP like Trump who needs ENEMAS!  (Trump needs an ENEMA of the HEAD to get the SHIT out of his brain.)

Trump launches direct attack on McConnell a month out from midterm elections

Trump intensifies attacks on McConnell with ‘death wish’ remark on his social media platform

At least Trump has one FRIEND

Judge rules Trump lawyers don’t have to clarify Mar-a-Lago document claims

(I bet Mitch helped Trump get Canon on the bench!  Oh well!)

GOP billionaire donors direct cash to Senate leaders as Trump candidates lag Dems in fundraising

Silicon Valley billionaires square off over support for Trump and the MAGA movement

Oh well!  Maybe they know something about Trump.

Obama Privately Warned Reporters Trump Would Destroy America in 8 Years in Last Days in Office

I’m betting President Obama knows a lot more about Trump than almost anyone else does.


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