That last blog included a picture of Trump that should have said “THE SHIT STORM IS COMING!” Because wherever he goes he brings a SHIT-STORM of lies and liars with him.  “Where We Go One We Go All”. They ALL can GO TO HELL!  All the “Q” can GO TO HELL where they belong.

Meanwhile …

Trump said NYT’s Maggie Haberman is like his ‘psychiatrist’: book

Trump dishes to his ‘psychiatrist’

Maggie Haberman: A Reckoning With Donald Trump

Dish!  You Dumbass!  Dish!!!  (Trump is more in need of a MENTAL ENEMA than anyone in the world just to get the shit out go his head.)

Liz Cheney says she will do whatever it takes to keep Donald Trump from the White House, even if it means leaving the …

Opinion: Liz Cheney puts her patriotism before her party

Who would have thought a CHENEY was more level-headed than Trump?  I only wish Liz would shoot Donald in the face WITH A SHOTGUN!  (Like her dad did to his Republican friend.)

‘The Old Crow’s a piece of s***’: Trump says what he really thinks about Mitch McConnell

Schiff reacts to Trump: ‘Those comments don’t demonstrate much intelligence of any kind’

This is HOW Trump THINKS and TALKS, NOT how a president or ex-president is supposed to be.  Even George W, Bush is not this CRASS of an ASS as Trump is an ASSHOLE!

DONALD J. TRUMP IS THE WORST PRESIDENT THIS COUNTRY HAS EVER HAD and hopefully will ever have.  We survived Trump once, let’s NOT test the waters in the future.   DUMP TRUMP!!!

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