STAGGERING FRAUD!  (Not just regular fraud but STAGGERING FRAUD and FAKENESS!)

New York attorney general lawsuit accuses Trump of ‘staggering’ fraud

Late Night Examines New York’s Accusing Trump of ‘Staggering’ Fraud

NY attorney general sues Donald Trump, family and company

The Trump Organization Is Fraud All the Way Down

New York civil fraud suit could bring down the Trump Organization

Michael Cohen says NY probe will ‘terminate’ the Trump Organization

Breaking down new lawsuit against Trump and his family

Dual legal blows hammer Trump


Appeals Court Frees Justice Dept. to Use Sensitive Files Seized From Trump

Trump docs probe: Court lifts hold on Mar-a-Lago records

Trump suffers setback as appeals panel rejects Cannon ruling

Aww!  Twumpy had a BAD DAY!

Judge Cannon ruled for Trump. Fellow Trump-nominated judges decimated her order.

The Inside Joke That Became Trump’s Big Lie

Trump ally Tom Barrack used access to White House to help foreign government, prosecutor says

Who the heck is Tom Barrack?

What Trump really has on his mind!


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