SUE-eee! SUE-eee! Here PIG PIG PIG Trump!

In spite of ALL his faults, Donald J. Trump is also a RAPIST!

E. Jean Carroll says she will sue Trump under NY law for sexual assault and wants his deposition

E. Jean Carroll, Who Says Trump Raped Her, Plans to Use New Law to Prove It

What do we mean “ALL his faults”?

Trump has failed to show he declassified docs seized from Mar-a-Lago, DOJ tells appeals court

Trump’s Lawyers Skirt Question of Declassification in Documents Case

Arbiter in Trump docs probe signals intent to move quickly

Donald J. Trump is more than just a “flawed human being”. Trump is NOT even HUMAN!  He is DEFECTIVE, and probably not HUMAN anyway!

Donald J. Trump is a THING!

Some people like to think they are as good as THE THING!

DeSantis leads Trump among Florida Republicans for 2024: Suffolk poll

McConnell came closer than first reported to voting to convict Trump: book

All REPUBLICANS are THINGS it seems!  The party of “THE THINGS”!

New York attorney general files civil fraud lawsuit against Trump, some of his children and his business

Donald Trump, 3 of his children sued for business fraud by New York AG

New York AG Letitia James announces lawsuit of Donald Trump, his company and family members over fraud claims

FINALLY!  It’s about damn time, because TRUMP IS A FRAUD!  While Putin is AGAIN threatening NUCLEAR WAR!  What a couple of ASSHOLES!

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