Trump is GARBAGE! Rank, smelly, garbage is what Trump is!

I know!

Trump Says He Would’ve Had Better Seat Than Biden at Queen’s Funeral

Let’s hold a FUNERAL for Donald J. Trump.

But he’s still alive!

Yah, but that can be changed, quick enough!  Besides, we can always bury Trump alive anyway.  Who would know?  Who would even care?  I know I would not!

He can have the best seat in the house.  IN THE BOX!

I have a perfect spot for Donald Trump.  In the middle of any major city landfill will do.  Trump is pure GARBAGE anyway.  (And no one will be required to attend the funeral.  Just dump some more TRASH over Trump and he’s done.  TRUMP TRASH!). Either bury him or just flush him.  Both are appropriate.

It’s NOT about YOU dumb Donald!  It’s never been about YOU!

Trump discovers he’s not in Cannon-land anymore

Special Master expresses skepticism with Trump team’s assertions

Special Master Has a Simple Test That May Be Disaster for Trump

Trump continues to muddy the waters on whether documents seized from Mar-a-Lago are classified

Trump legal team admits possibility that ex-president could be charged

Trump team says it doesn’t want to immediately disclose certain ‘declassification’ information in special master review

Donald Trump is (still) very unpopular

New footage confirms fake Trump elector spent hours inside Georgia elections office day it was breached

Videos Show Trump Allies Handling Georgia Voting Equipment

DUH!  Duuuuuuuuuuuh!  DumbDonald!

Who is ‘Orange Jesus’ and why is he trending? Spoiler alert: It’s Trump

Cheney says GOP leaders are treating Trump like a ‘king’ by defending him in Mar-a-Lago probe

Videos Show Trump Allies Handling Georgia Voting Equipment

Campaign Report — Republicans’ Trump problem

Trump’s ‘big lie’ fueled a new generation of social media influencers

Rep. Liz Cheney Reveals How Trump-Supporting Lawmaker Ripped Him Behind His Back

GOP colleague mocked ‘Orange Jesus’ Trump on Jan. 6, says Rep. Cheney

Cheney: On Jan. 6, fellow House member objecting to election called Trump ‘the orange Jesus’

Donald J. Trump IS “The Orange Jesus” though he’s really much closer to the Anti-Christ!

By The Way, The Union Of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics was all about COMMUNISM.  Trump LOVES the USSR, and COMMUNISM!  The Union Of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics was NOT a Union.  It was NOT about Republics.  It was NOT NOT NOT SOCIALIST, but the Russians liked SOCIALISM so much that they hid their real COMMUNIST MANIFESTO behind it and called themselves SOCIALISTS!  NAZIs were NATIONAL SOCIALISTS, or at least they called themselves that.  We all know that NAZIs were really FASCISTS!  QAnon is a New type of COMMUNIST MANIFESTO!  Chock full of LIES!  Trump is Chock full of lies.  Trump is a COMMUNIST DICK!  

The REAL Invisible enemy is COMMUNISM.  A January 6th sign carried by a dumbass rioter to the insurrection on the Capitol Building.  “HANG MIKE PENCE!”  

Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Kim Jung-Un, Xi Jinping, and all the rest are REAL VISIBLE COMMUNISTS!  Cuba, Vietnam, Laos are COMMUNIST just like TRUMPLAND would be!


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