Trump is a FASCIST PIG!

Trump is FASCISM!  (Trumpism = NAZIism.  Trump is The New Adolf Hitler!). THAT is a FACT!

‘Welcome to fascism’: Top Arizona Republican blasts Trump-backed candidates who might try to overturn future elections

Trump Rally Plays Music Resembling QAnon Song, and Crowds React

Trump ‘Deliberately Stoking’ Violence, Courting QAnon, Professor Says

VIDEO: QAnon song plays as Trump speaks, MAGA supporters give one finger salute

These Trump-Backed Candidates Won’t Promise to Accept Election Results

‘Shootings, Stabbings, Rapes, Carjackings.’ Trump Brings Roadshow to Ohio, Trashes America

Trump rallies for Vance — and himself — in Ohio

Trump mocks J.D. Vance, saying the Ohio GOP candidate is trying to get on his good side

Which is it?  Is Trump supporting Vance or mocking him?

Trump claims he invented the word ‘caravans’

Whichever it is, Trump is LYING AGAIN!

Ex-prosecutor: Trump lawyers can ‘wear down the government’ and get away with ‘damage’

“Justice DELAYED is justice DENIED!”   Demand ‘JUSTICE’ for TRUMP the ASSHOLE!  TRUMP THE FASCIST!


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