Will the REAL Donald ‘The Dumbass’ Trump SHUT THE FUCK UP, for once and for ALL?

Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice” 

Trace Adkins says appearing on Trump’s ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ was ‘most stressful thing’ he’s ever done

was at least as stressful as his FAKE PRESIDENCY!

Ryan rolls out ad mocking Vance ahead of Trump rally, OSU game


Democrats Buoyed by Abortion and Trump, Times/Siena Poll Finds


Ex-CIA officer calls judge’s ruling in Trump case ‘silly’


Justice Department asks appeals court to block Trump judge’s Mar-a-Lago ruling

after all, 

Trump team claimed boxes at Mar-a-Lago were only news clippings


Who is Raymond Dearie, the special master reviewing Trump documents?

Trump’s proposed and DOJ’s accepted ‘SPECIAL MASTER’?

Why do we even need a ’SPECIAL MASTER’ if the documents were only “NEWS CLIPPINGS”?

Is Donald J. Trump LYING AGAIN?  (Yes.  Of course.  Really!  Lying is all that Trump can do.  Trump LIES ALL THE TIME!   About everything.  Trump is a LIAR!  That’s a true TRUTH!)

Donald Trump was asked what would happen to the country if he were indicted. His answer is something else.

Who really cares what Trump says?  He’s NOTHING butt a BIGLY FATLY LIAR!

Donald J. Trump is as much an ATROCITY as Vladimir Putin.  PUT THEM BOTH TO GRUESOME EXISTENCES!  Bread & water in a Communist GULAG for the remainder of their stupid worthless lives!

Ron DeSantis’ is handily beating Trump in the 2024 money hunt

Florida’s Ron DeSantis is on the cusp of raising more than any governor — ever

Compare Trump & DeSantis on Campaign Spending

Rally With Trump? Some G.O.P. Candidates Aren’t Thrilled About It.

and Lindsey Graham said Trump is a MOTHER———- How would Lindsey know, he has never fucked a MOTHER in his life,  Linda prefers to have little boys fuck him the ass.  Lindsey (or is it Linda Graham) is a BOTTOM!  (Besides, DeSantis will never win the presidency.  America can’t be THAT stupid, again.)

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