Trump DID NOT want to go! (So he tried to take it with him. The CLASSIFIED DOCS!)

Trump thought he would stay.

Exclusive: ‘I’m just not going to leave’: New book reveals Trump vowed to stay in White House

Trump threatened not to leave White House after election loss, book says

Trump insisted he would stay in White House after loss: book

Boy was HE wrong!  We didn’t WANT HIM.  Then HE left!  THANK GOD!

Now, if HE would just GO THE FUCK AWAY

and go away forever!

All that time …

Donald Trump Backed Failed Coup to Remove Jared Kushner: Navarro

I thought (Pete) Navarro was Donald’s (Trump’s) friend.  With friends like that, who needs ENEMAS!  (Trump needs an ENEMA to get ALL THE SHIT OUT OF HIS SYSTEM.  Trump needs a BIGLY Enema.  Trump needs the BIGGEST ENEMA EVER!  Looks like Jared could use one too.  Pete definitely needs one.  All the TRUMPS and TRUMPTURDS NEED AN ENEMA!  A BIGLY ENEMA.  All of them are most definitely CONSTIPATED with Trump crap and need to GET IT OUT.  Trump and his Turds are really FULL OF CRAP!)

GOP senators led by Graham slam Trump Jan. 6 pardon promise

Too little, too late.  Soon enough Linda (or Lindsey as he likes to be known) will be kissing Trump’s big fat butt again!  (Wasn’t Linda just slamming Hillary?)  Instead “Give them ENEMAS”!  Especially give Linda an ENEMA OF THE MOUTH and the BRAIN (if he has one)!

Trump legal team responds to Justice Department on Mar-a-Lago documents review

These assholes really need ENEMAS, fast!  They can get PAID with ENEMAS, because Trump isn’t going to pay them.

Zelensky says it’s ‘not even possible’ that Trump did not recognize Putin threat

Hear what Zelensky would tell Trump about Putin

Zelenskyy is beating THE RUSSIANS, and he can beat Trump and the TRUMPTURDS as well, butt shouldn’t we beat Trump’s bigly fat ass first?  YES WE SHOULD!

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