Trump is a TOTAL FRAUD!

Trump DEMANDS a Special Master, then he wants US to pay at least half the cost.  What a CHEAP ASSHOLE!  Especially for a FAKE BILLIONAIRE that he claims he is!

Trump wants to split cost of special master, DOJ wants him to pay

That CHEAP BASTARD TRUMP is already stiffing the GOP!

Republicans to Trump: Pony up more cash in battle for Senate

Trump is, among other BAD THINGS, a CHEAP BASTARD and a FAKE BIILLIONAIRE!  (Unless all his BILLIONS are in RUBLES, and not dollars.  Do the MATH, the conversion rate is on Google.)

MAGA means ‘Making Attorneys Get Attorneys’: Trump lawyers face ethical and legal charges

NO!!!  MAGA means ‘MOTHERFUCKERS AGAINST GOOD AMERICA’ but it can mean ”Making Attorneys Get Attorneys” at their own expense, because Trump isn’t going to PAY any of them.  TRUMP IS SUCH A CHEAP BASTARD and a FAKE BILLIONAIRE!  TRUMP IS A FAKE!

Trump Lawyer Seeks to ‘Lower Temperature’ Over Mar-a-Lago Documents

NO SHIT SHERLOCK!  It was TRUMP who TURNED-UP the HEAT with his FAKE offer to do anything to reduce it.  TRUMP IS A FUCKING FAKE!




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