Trump IS The Anti-Everything. Trump is ONLY For Trump (and maybe Putin and Kim too.)!

Stephanie Grisham says Trump’s M.O. (that stands for: ‘Modus Operandi’, for the truly STUPID that’s Latin and simply means ‘Method of Operation’) is to engage the THREE D’s:




Trump attacks DOJ, Florida judge after saying raid anger gone too far

That is just what he has been doing since the FBI Searched (they did NOT “RAID” or “ATTACK”) Mar-a-Lago.  He has promulgated such a STEADY STREAM OF BULLSHIT LIES and ACCUSATIONS against the FBI, causing his MINIONS to go on a RAGE AGAINST the FBI and DHS.  His MINIONS have said they will KILL and ASSASSINATE FBI and DHS members, and start a new Civil War, all because Trump wants them to.

Trump Steamrolls His Way Past Accountability. The Mar-a-Lago Search Might Be Different.

Now he is trying to DISTRACT by claiming the FBI took his passports!  What does Trump need his PASSPORTS FOR anyway?  Is he planning to go somewhere?  Like MOSCOW, RUSSIA for example!  (By the way, the FED has returned Trump’s 3 passports, and 2 of them were EXPIRED, not just one as Trump claimed.  Trump even lies about the little things, like his little hands which prove he is a little man, like Marco Rubio said once upon a time long before he was suborned by Trump.  Mark is also a little shit!)

Opinion: Trump is worried after FBI search — and he should be

Meanwhile Trump tells AG Merrick Garland that, “America is ON FIRE” and asks, facetiously, “What he can do to lower the heat?”  Trump started the goddamn FIRE in the first place!  Trump is stoking it!  Trump is NOT even trying to put it out or turn down the heat.  Trump is such a GODDAMN LIAR!  Trump is NOT a Christian, that is for sure!  If anything, Trump is the personification of THE ANTI-CHRIST!  Trump is The Devil.  Trump is at the very least The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.  GOD DAMN TRUMP!!!  GOD DAMN TRUMP TO HELL!  (Which is where he’s going eventually, anyway.)  TRUMP CAN GO TO HELL – THE SOONER THE BETTER!

A Timeline of Trump’s False and Misleading Statements on the Mar-a-Lago Search

TRUMP IS AN ASSHOLE, and all of the ASSHOLES WHO CONTINUE TO SUPPORT TRUMP are ‘DUMB ASSHOLES’, because they are allowing themselves to be USED by an ASSHOLE!  Like the DUMMIES THEY ARE, they are even sending him their money.  WHAT A BUNCH OF DUMB STUPID ASSHOLES!  (Just like the DUMBASS RUSSIAN soldiers who are dying for PUTIN!  Cannon-fodder fools!)

Trump doesn’t care for Americans, anymore than Putin cares for Russians.  They (Trump and Putin) just care about MONEY and POWER!  

From Cheney friend to foe, Harriet Hageman takes command of Wyoming race animated by Trump

The RepuKKKelickers in Wyoming who voted for Harriet Hageman against Liz Cheney, are really REALLY STUPID FOOLS!  Harriet is a HOG who aligned herself with a PIG to get in the TROUGH for the SLOP!  Liz’s dad Dick, did shoot his friend in the face with a shotgun, but Harriet has done WORSE!  Much worse!  Harriet is a WHORE!  ‘Harriet the whore’!  ‘Harriet the HAIRY whore’!  Since when did anyone want WHORES in ‘The House’?  Apparently the WHINERS of WYOMING Want WHORES!  When Harriet walks in anywhere, it should be loudly announced, “There is a WHORE in The House!”

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