Trump’s latest EXCUSES! (He’s a VICTIM!)

Trump is FULL OF SHIT, and LYING (again) too!

Trump frantically packed up docs for Mar-a-Lago in final days

What is this?  Trump EXCUSE NUMBER 4!  Or 5!

Trump Floats Yet Another Excuse: The Mar-a-Lago Docs Were Privileged!

Trump’s hypocrisy on display over his handling of “top secret” documents

Well!  Trump’s many and varied excuses are NOT WORKING this time.

Mar-a-Lago search showed legal peril of Trump documents, national security probe

Trump’s initially ‘upbeat’ mood about FBI Mar-a-Lago raid turning dark: WaPo

Trump asked AG Garland: ‘What can I do to reduce the heat?’: report

GOP senator mum on whether he would vote for Trump if he runs again

Trump should be happy!

Armed Trump supporters gather at Phoenix FBI office

Armed Trump supporters outside Phoenix FBI office

Send in Kyrsten Sinema!  (Fat lot of good she would do.)  Aww!  After just a couple hours they all went away.  What a bunch of pussies!  PUSSIES, not protesters.  A bunch of Trump Pussies!  Maybe HE can GRAB them!  Anyways …

GOP governors rebuke party members’ ‘outrageous rhetoric’ over Trump search

Trump, the FBI search, its repercussions: All are unprecedented

Mar-a-lago Trump FBI search: What Classified documents look like

Trump lawyer claimed no classified material was at Mar-a-Lago in signed letter to Justice Department

Trump Lawyer Told Justice Dept. That Classified Material Had Been Returned

Trump’s Lawyers are LIARS, just like HE is!  (The assholes in Phoenix, Arizona seem to believe his lies.  Boy!  Are they STUPID!!!)

Attorney shoots down Trump’s ‘insane’ new document defense

The real question:  Is Trump going to pay HIS lawyers this time?  They already LIED for him!

Here’s the BOTTOM LINE:

Donald J. Trump is USING PEOPLE!

He is USING YOU!  (‘MAGA dumb-shits who believe Trump’ are being used, like the dumb-shits in Phoenix.)

Are YOU so STUPID that YOU can’t see how YOU are being USED?  (Again: Like the MAGA dumb-shits who are being used.)

The answer is obviously “Yes!  YOU are THAT dumb!”  That being true (for the MAGA dumb-shits who are being used) then YOU ARE STUPID!  Really STUPID!  Go ahead, DUMB-SHITS, send Trump YOUR money!  He’ll just put it in his pocket or spend it on himself like he’s done before.  YOU DUMB-SHITS!

TrumpubliKKKans are IDIOTS!  Just like Trump is an IDIOT!

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