Trump can’t be QUIET! Trump is a LOUDMOUTH!

Trump “QUIET”?  Bullshit!

FBI hands subpoenas to Republican lawmakers as Trump quiet on Mar-a-Lago search

Trump is GUILTY!

Trump pleaded the Fifth more than 400 times: report

Former President Donald Trump invokes the 5th Amendment with New York attorney general

Trump pleads Fifth Amendment in deposition for N.Y. AG probe

Trump, Who Said ‘the Mob Takes the Fifth,’ Takes the Fifth

Trump says he pleaded the Fifth during deposition for New York attorney general’s civil probe

Trump took the Fifth Amendment at least 440 times in deposition with NYS attorney general Letitia James: report

Trump’s past comments on criminals pleading the Fifth resurface

Trump IS GUILTY!  Trump even SAID SO!  The mother——— is GUILTY!

The Justice Department is in a no-win situation as Trump’s fury rages

Why else would a CRIMINAL hire a BIGLY COSTLY LAWYER!

Trump Hires ‘Billion Dollar Lawyer’

Trump IS GUILTY of so much more.

Mulvaney: Mar-a-Lago informant would have to be ‘really close’ to Trump


There is a video, of a woman, decked out in Trump paraphernalia, who says of Trump, “He has NEVER lied!”  That is one deluded woman.  Anyone with any amount of COMMON SENSE knows that Donald J. Trump has, in fact, LIED.  Not just once, or twice, but at lease THIRTY-THOUSAND TIMES in just the four years he was faking-it in The White House.  (The Washington Post documented Trump lies during that time.  Even if you rule out the ifs and maybes, and the dupes, TRUMP HAS LIED!)  Anyone, with even a shred of COMMON SENSE knows Trump is LYING right now.  Anyone with any COMMON SENSE at all, knows that Donald J. Trump is a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR!  All we can say of this woman, and people like her, is:  Boy is she/are they STUPID!  Unfortunately, there are a lot of STUPID PEOPLE in America.  They need to be rounded-up and locked away in rubber rooms for their own safety.

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