Trump is the ‘THIEF IN CHIEF’!

Nobody CARES why Trump took the documents!  (Really.  Nobody cares anymore.  We all know Trump is a THIEF!)

Trump ghostwriter speculates Trump may have taken docs to sell

Exclusive: An Informer Told the FBI What Docs Trump Was Hiding, and Where

He may have taken THE WHITE HOUSE PAPERS because there were no towels or robes to steal and he had to steal something!  He just had to steal.  That’s who Donald Trump is.  He is a THIEF!  (Yet, there was an INFORMANT, who INFORMED on Trump’s thievery.  Who INFORMED on Trump?)

Could Trump Go Down Like Al Capone?

WHO CARES?  Just take Trump DOWN!  LOCK TRUMP UP!  (Throw away the key.)

The F.B.I. Search of Trump’s Home Has No Precedent. It’s a Risky Gamble.

What ‘gamble’?  Trump is GUILTY!  Trump is guilty of this, and a lot of other shit, including “Impersonating A Human Being”!  Donald J. Trump is an alien piece of shit!

More Trump Crime:

Trump to be deposed over real estate practices, his net worth could be key topic

Trump Takes the Fifth Amendment in New York Investigation: Live Updates

Trump to testify in New York attorney general’s investigation into business practices

Trump says he refused to answer NY attorney general’s questions in probe of his business

Former President Donald Trump invokes Fifth Amendment rights and declines to answer questions from NY attorney general

Donald Trump refuses to answer questions in New York investigation

Didn’t Trump say that: “THE MAFIA TAKES THE FIFTH!”  Yes he did!

By the way:  It was NOT “an army” of FBI agents who “attacked” Mar-a-Lago.  It was a small group of plain clothes FBI agents who showed the SEARCH WARRANT to Trump’s Secret Service guards and who were then allowed on the property to SEARCH for boxes of White House documents, which they found and sent back to Washington D.C.   Donald Trump continues his string of lies!

Donald Trump Quote About Fifth Amendment Resurfaces as … › … › Hillary Clinton

Did Trump Say ‘If You’re Innocent, Why Are You Taking the 5th … › Fact Checks › Politics

Trump said, ‘The Mob takes the Fifth!’  (Even Snopes says so.)  Trump said, the INNOCENT don’t take the Fifth, then TRUMP TOOK THE FIFTH.  What does that tell you?  (It tells you that even Trump knows he is GUILTY.  Guilty of what?  You name it, and Trump is GUILTY OF IT!  Trump in GUILTY of every damn thing!)

Eric Trump’s Accidental Confession About His Father Has Twitter Users Howling

Eric is a Trump CRIME!  Eric is a HOWLING HOOH HAH!  Eric may be part “Howler Monkey”!  After all, Donald had to do something to fortify his gene pool!  So he screwed a MONKEY!  How is that any different than Ivanka, Marla, Melania or STORMY!  Donald J. “The Monkey Fucker’ Trump!

Inside Trump ’25: A radical plan for Trump’s second term

GAWD! I hope Trump NEVER EVER gets a chance to foist his ‘radical’ second term plan on America!  Ever!

Republican and rightwing groups have swiftly used the FBI raid on Donald Trump’s winter home at Mar-a-Lago in Florida to raise money from their supporters by bombarding them with fundraising emails and appeals for donations.

Republicans pounce on FBI raid at Mar-a-Lago to solicit campaign funds

Go ahead DUMMIES!  Give your MONEY TO TRUMP!  (You know the old saying, “A Fool and His Money are soon parted!”  Be A FOOL!)  It’s going into his pocket anyhow, like it always has!  YOU DUMBASS RepuKKKe-lickers!  He claims he is “really really rich” and is a BILLIONAIRE right?  If he is a billionaire what does he need YOUR money for?  Real BILLIONAIRES fly off in their own rockets. (Ask Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk or Sir Richard Branson.) Trump only has a GROUNDED AIRPLANE and flies commercial airlines when they don’t bump him.  Maybe he’s NOT as rich as he says he is.  Trump may be a billionaire in RUBLES maybe, but not in dollars.  Look-up the exchange rate!  It’s 1 Ruble to Less than 2 U.S. Cents.  It’s EASY to be a BILLIONAIRE in RUSSIAN RUBLES!  (Anyway, all Retarded Repubs are going to LOSE in November.  The REDS are DEAD!  Rubles, Russkies and Republicans are all REDS, R! R! R! R!)

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