Mar-a-Lago BLOWS!

TRUMP’S LIED BEFORE!  (Tens of Thousands of times!  Was he LYING again?)

Trump Says F.B.I. Raided His Mar-a-Lago Home

This time he may not be lying!  In fact, this time Trump my have actually accidentally told the truth, with his own bullshit spin on it.

FBI executes search warrant at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago in document investigation

Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home ‘raided’ as FBI executes search warrant 

Well!  It’s about DAMN TIME!  We have known that Trump left The White House and took a bunch of stuff with him, that he was NOT supposed to take.  It’s about damn time that somebody went and got it back!  (By the way, the word is “searched” not “raided’!  The latter is Trump’s word and it’s another Trump bullshit Lie.  The real word is SEARCH!  As in SEARCH WARRANT signed-off by a judge, the AG and the Director of the FBI.  By the way, the FBI Director was a ‘Trump appointee’.)

The extraordinary political storm unleashed by the FBI search of Trump’s Florida resort

Republican Officials React With Fury to F.B.I. Search of Trump’s Home

FBI Search of Trump’s Florida Home Mar-a-Lago Is Criticized by Republicans

After Mar-a-Lago search, users on pro-Trump forums agitate for ‘civil war’ — including a Jan. 6 rioter

Those ASSHOLES have been agitating for a New Civil War for a long time.  Long before the Mar-a-Lago SEARCH!  We knew all about the thefts by Trump, at least as far back as February 2022!

National Archives says Trump took 15 boxes of White House … › politics › donald-trump › n…

Prosecutors Pursue Inquiry Into Trump’s Handling of … › U.S. › Politics

Garland confirms classified material found among records … › 2022/02/22 › garland-trump-classif…

That was all back in February, 2022! 

Pence expresses ‘concern’ over Trump search, asks Garland to explain

Pence!  Pence cares?  Mike is “concerned”?  Bullshit!  Someone needs to tell Mike that Donald almost had him HANGED!  Trump wanted Mike Pence DEAD!  Pence is a putz!  Garland does NOT have to explain shit to Pence!  If Mike can’t figure it out for himself he is truly a dumb fucking putz!

Trump’s 2024 GOP rivals rally behind him after FBI search

Trump world takes stock of which Republicans back him against the FBI

Hell!  We’ve known since January 2021 that Trump stole boxes of documents from The White House.  They left The White House when Trump left The White House.  (On different airplanes, but at the same time.). The ASSHOLE Republiturds who ‘back’ Trump, are simply ASSHOLE Republiturds!

Question:  Why bring it up again now in August 2022?   What is the BIGLY DEAL now?  Why did the Fed go after ‘The Dumbass’, er ‘The Donald’.  Is it because he could, might, is almost certainly planning to RUN again for the presidency?  Could it be that somebody does NOT want Trump to RUN, again?  Does Trump need MORE MONEY, claiming to be a VICTIM again for his mass of idiots, from his mass of idiots and the ASSHOLE Republiturds?

Answer:  Maybe!  The fact is: I really don’t care.   Really!  I don’t give a shit about Trump.  Just as long as Trump is NOT allowed to run ever again.  Trump should not have been allowed to run in the first place, against Hillary.  Trump STOLE that election and that nomination.  Just ask Lindsey Graham, in one of his more lucid moments.

The last thing Lindsey Graham said to CNN back in 2015 was:  “You know how to make America great again?  Tell Donald Trump to go to hell.”  Lindz was correct about that.  Too bad Lindz was NOT consistent!  He is the very essence of a FLIP-FLOPPER!  He’s lied almost as often as Trump (but not nearly as often!  Actually, sometimes Lindz accidentally tells the truth).  Unfortunately, nowadays Lindsey is often heard supporting the illegal activities of Trump!

Can Donald Trump Run for President Again If He Broke This Law?

Basically, what this all PROVES is only one thing:  





… and STUPID!  

(Lindsey Graham simply binges on NUTTIENESS, but he does have his moments as well as a big streak of STUPID in him!  Yet, Lindz most intelligent comment was when he told Trump to, “Go To Hell!”)

p.s.  Oh hey!  Lookie!  Lookie!

Exclusive: See the Trump toilet photos that he denies ever existed

The TRUMP TOITY!  (If you want to see the ‘Trump Turd’, just look at any picture of Donald Trump.  He IS a TURD.  Trump ‘the Turd’ should have been FLUSHED a long time ago, by his mother after she ABORTED him!)

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