Trump The TRAITOR!

Liz Cheney’s battle with two ‘T’ words: Trump and traitor

Even her daddy the Dick (Dick Cheney) is mad at “The Other Dick”, Donald ‘DickHead’ Trump!”

No ‘greater threat to our republic:’ Dick Cheney attacks Donald Trump in ad for Liz Cheney

Dick Cheney in new ad: No individual is ‘greater threat to our republic’ than Trump

Trump blasted by Dick Cheney as former vice president stars in his daughter’s latest ad

Let George Do It!  (Or in this case Let John DO IT to Georgia!)

John Eastman Proposed Challenging Georgia Senate Elections in Search of Fraud


Trump White House lawyers subpoenaed by 1/6 probe grand jury

Latest subpoenas suggest DOJ probe could be aiming squarely at Trump

Meanwhile Trump does Trump!

Trump picks roil GOP’s Senate outlook: The Note

Trump boosts endorsement record with wins in Arizona and Michigan

Basically, when we say “Trump does Trump!” That means he’s LYING AGAIN!

Mean-meanwhile …

Voting underway in Tenn., posing tests over abortion, support for Trump

Will Tennessee do as Kansas already done did, and REJECT the REPUBLICAN MAJORITY SCOTUS CRAP?  Will Tennessee REJECT TrumpTurds?  Let’s watch and see!

Conservatives Join Trump in Siding With Russia After Brittney Griner Guilty Verdict

Irregardless of whatever, TRUMP IS A TRAITOR!  So are his fellow TRAVELER TRAITORS!  (Personally, I have no favoritism towards lesbians, black girls or basketball players, but GODDAMNIT she is an American!!!  You would think a former American President would want to help a fellow American.  NOT TRAITOROUS TRUMP!  Or other TRAITOROUS BASTARDS and BITCHES!)

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