Trump really believes that the LAW does NOT apply to him, unless he wants it to!

Mastodon issues 30-day ultimatum to Trump’s social network over misuse of its code.

Trump is a THIEF! (Duh!)

Trump’s $300 Million SPAC Deal May Have Skirted Securities Laws.

Donald Trump’s SPAC deal may have violated securities laws, report says.

Trump breaks THE LAW! (So what else is new?)

Student Loan Payback Time; Trump SPAC-Lash.

Trump SCREWS students!  (And everyone else,)

Yet TRUMP still claims the election was STOLEN from him (it wasn’t, because HE LOST) and that he can claim “Executive Privilege” even though he is no longer the Executive (because HE LOST!)

We Now Know Which Files Trump Is Trying to Hide from the Jan. 6 Committee.

Call logs, speech drafts among records Trump is trying to block from Jan. 6 investigators.

During Jan. 6 riot, Trump attorney told Pence team the vice president’s inaction caused attack on Capitol.

Trump seeking to block call logs and notes from Capitol attack panel.

Court Filing Lists Documents Trump Seeks to Withhold From Jan. 6 Inquiry.

Trump lawyer John Eastman said ‘courage and the spine’ would help Pence send election to the House in comments before January 6.

Donald Trump’s former chief of staff is ready to bet all his money on the former president running again in 2024, he tells a podcast.

Trump is a SORE LOSER, but a BIGLY (big ugly) LOSER just the same.  

Trump is a LIAR!

Trump is an ASSHOLE!

Trump is a SHIT-FOR-BRAINS IDIOT (and so are his followers, or as they should be known – his suck-ups!)

Trump and his Suck-Ups (Eastman and Meadows included) really SUCK!

Speaking of Trump Suck-Ups, what about Punkin-Youngkin?

Virginia Election: Donald Trump Plans Tele-Rally for Glenn Youngkin.

Go ahead DUMB DONALD!  Associate yourself with Glenn, and sink his chances, because even though he does NOT want to piss you off, he does NOT want to be associated with YOU either.

Republican voters cut Youngkin some slack as he walks tightrope on Trump.

Question:   Why should anyone FEAR Donald Trump?

Answer:  No one should, because Donald THE DUMBASS is a Foolish Fuck!  That’s all he is.  He is a Russian puppet,  (Vladimir has his hand so far up Donnie’s ass he can squeeze his …)

If anyone is going to fear anyone they should fear ‘Vlad – The Big Failure”!

Seriously.  What does any THINKING person see in, or like about, Trump the dumbass?

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