“Trump is an ASSHOLE” is NOT News to us.

Trump news!

Federico Klein, former Trump appointee charged in Capitol riot, wants jail cell without cockroaches.

I have one thing to say to “Federico”, which is:  Shit in one hand and ‘want’ in the other. See which fills up first!

More on Federico (or actually that should be “Moron Federico”):

Trump appointee arrested in connection with Capitol riot

Trump State Department Aide Arrested on Capitol Riot Charges.

State Department aide appointed by Trump stormed the Capitol, beat police with a riot shield, FBI says.

Trump is an ASSHOLE. That’s not ‘Theory’, it’s just a FACT that even Trump has proven again, and again, and again!

Then there is this:

House impeachment manager Eric Swalwell sues Trump and close allies over Capitol riot in second major insurrection lawsuit.

Eric Swalwell sues Trump and allies for violating civil rights with Jan. 6 incitement.


Jared Kushner and Donald Trump Are on a Break.

Maybe that’s why Jared is taking a ‘break’ from old Trumpy, because he doesn’t want to have to deal with another lawsuit. (So he’s taking Imodium instead of dealing with his ASSHOLE.)

Other Trump ‘appointees” are in the news lately. And they are just as WRONG as that ASSHOLE TRUMP was/is.and always will be:

Trump Appointee At VOA Parent Paid Law Firm Millions To Investigate His Own Staff.

Trump Commerce official was arrested in November on child pornography charges.


Here’s another couple of TRUMP ASSHOLES!

DeSantis, Pence top 2024 Republican primary surveys – if Trump doesn’t run.

and THAT is reported by ASSHOLE CENTRAL!  (The FUCKERS at FOX.)

The old saying is something like: “Everybody has one asshole.”

Not Donald Jackass Trump!  He has MILLIONS of ASSHOLES!  Millions!!!  (Those ASSHOLES voted for him.)

Donald Jerk Trump is one GINORMOUS ASSHOLE!

Trump being an ASSHOLE is not NEWS. We already knew Donald J. Trump is an ASSHOLE. And we already knew there are a lot of ASSHOLES in America, and most of them believe in Q and call themselves Republicans. (‘Republican’ is just another word synonymous with ASSHOLE!)

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