Who is this guy?

Taxes are going UP!

Job opportunities are going down.

Pay rates aren’t going anywhere.

Unemployment is going UP!

Consumer confidence is going down.

Whose fault is all this!

His poll numbers are going down.

He fired another senior advisor (or maybe John Bolton quit on him).

He cancels SECRET meetings with The Taliban.  (Meetings with The Taliban that HE set-up in SECRET!)

He steals money from the U.S. Taxpayer to pay for his FAILING Resorts and hotels.

He locks up children in cages at the border, and their parents too in other Concentration Camp Cages.

He lets people die in Puerto Rico.

He lets people die in The Bahamas.

He LIES about everything.

He takes his orders from Vladimir Putin.


p.s. Let’s NOT FORGET that this ‘Filthy Mouthed Trump‘, this “Short Fingered Vulgarian” long ago said he likes to “grab women by the PUSSY!”  So, please don’t let #PresidentPussyAssBitch trend on Twitter!

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