Is the latest trending Twitter tag for Donald Trump.


Such a VULGAR Twitter tag.

Chrissy Teigen tweeted it.  In so doing she used her fingers, because as far as we know Twitter does NOT have a voice input feature (yet).  So, to be accurate, someone who might be upset by such a Twitter tag might accurately say she is a “filthy fingered wife” of celebrity John Legend.  That would be accurate, maybe.  At least more accurate than what that Pussy Ass Bitch did post about her.  Maybe she does have a “filthy mouth”.  Who knows.  But we do know someone else who most definitely has a FILTHY MOUTH! 

Donald J. Trump was recorded on tape (and it was played on TV many times) as he was saying the words “Grab ’em by the PUSSY!” to Billy Bush. (Melania called it “Just locker-room talk.”  Maybe so, but it was Filthy Mouthed Locker-Room Talk for sure!)

Thus, Donald J. Trump is the “filthy MOUTHED whatever”.  (He also has a filthy mind!)

The fact is, Donald J. Trump has said a lot of bad words in public, and does have a FILTHY MOUTH!  (You might even say Donald J. Trump is VULGAR!)

In fact, years earlier, many many years earlier, Trump was dubbed the “Short Fingered Vulgarian” in an article which appeared in a magazine.  (And during the 2015 Republican Primary, Senator Marco Rubio commented on Trump’s small hands.  We all know what THAT means!  It’s VULGAR!  Trump even made it more VULGAR when he replied to it ON TV.)

Therefore, if ANYONE is being VULGAR it is DONALD J. TRUMP WHO IS VULGAR firstest, mostest and biglyest.

The fact is: Donald J. Trump IS a “Short Fingered Vulgarian” and now he is also known as …


Chrissy Teigen simply tweeted THE FACTS in a vernacular that Donald J. Trump can undestand!




Do NOT make …


TREND ON TWITTER!  Okay?  (Wink!  Wink!)


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