The headline below should say “Fake RIGHT WING NUT JOB Poll, tells Schultz to run, in order to help Trump get Re-Elected.  But, what it says (in this headline of the RIGHT WING NUT JOB site ‘PEOPLE’S PUNDIT DAILY’ which sounds totally Communist) is:

Poll Gives Howard Schultz the Green Light to Run for President

Poll Gives Howard Schultz the Green Light to Run for President

… and then the self-admitted ultra RIGHT WING ‘Washington Times’ says under the following headline:

Fake polls threaten U.S. democracy

By L. Todd Wood – – Monday, May 15, 2017

But let me ask you a question.  Do you know who was the most accurate pollster during last year’s election?

I’ll take a guess and say you don’t. Well, I’ll answer the question for you—People’s Pundit Daily (PPD).  Unlike other oft-cited surveys, PPD Battleground State Polls pegged President Trump’s victories on the statewide level in all but two states they identified as battlegrounds including Florida, North Carolina, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.   Their final PPD Sunshine State Battleground poll released on Nov. 6, found him leading Hillary Clinton by 1.6%, rounded up to two points.  He won by 1.2%.

Fake polls threaten U.S. democracy – Washington Times…/fake-polls-threaten-us-democrac…

What else would YOU expect ULTRA RIGHT WING NUTJOB SITES to say?  Typical statement of a RIGHT WING NUT JOB (as modeled by Dumbass Donald Trump) to ALWAYS claim anything that you do NOT agree with as FAKE, and always claim that which supports you (like FOX News) as real.  (Just remember, a stopped clock is correct at least twice a day.  That is to say, the RIGHT WINGERS got lucky and now they are bragging about it.)

The RIGHT WINGERS love Howard Schultz, because he is trying to help Trump get re-elected.


And think about this too:

If Ross Perot Couldn’t Win the Presidency, There’s Little Hope for Howard Schultz

So, why else would Schultz be running if he knows he can’t win?  Obviously, Schultzy is hoping to help Trump get re-elected.  That can be the ONLY logical reason, and why SCHULTZ IS A FAKE!

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