Howard Schultz says …

People were not interested in the Mueller probe, former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz told Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo on Tuesday.

Howard Schultz: People Weren’t Interested in Mueller Probe

No Howie.  You are wrong AGAIN Howie.  A lot of people are interested in the Mueller Investigation.  It is an INVESTIGATION Howie.  it’s not a ‘Probe’ Howie.  

A ‘Probe’ is a car that used to be made by Ford (1988-1997).  

Or, for you Howie a ‘probe’ may be something the Aliens shoved up your ass.  (And may have left up there, because you definitely have something ‘up your ass’ you ‘egotistical billionaire asshole!’)

THE FACT IS – – – a lot of people are really interested in the results of The Mueller INVESTIGATION, would like to see the real Mueller REPORT and are not really interested in that 4 page load of bullshit that Trump’s AG Billy Barr wrote and published.

And then you, Howie, go and say something really STUPID, like this:

 “I think to see the President of the United States now kind of spiking the ball and celebrating the fact that there wasn’t collusion and now the Democrats unwilling to let it go – this is just another prime example of the fact that we are not seeing the government work on behalf of the American people,” he said.

source: Howard Schultz: People Weren’t Interested in Mueller Probe | 

Poor Howie!  See, you don’t “THINK”.  But how could you be expected to be good at “thinking” when you don’t really know how to think, since you never really do it.

The “prime example” of seeing a government that does NOT work “on behalf of the American people.” is when Trump says he is going to completely get rid of The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare, which the majority of American people like) and Trump has NOTHING to put in its place if he does get rid of it (because in the past ten years the Republicans have never had a viable replacement for the ACA.  Never!  Even though the GOP has tried and failed over a hundred times to repeal and REPLACE it with the NOTHING the GOP ever had to replace it with).  Yet Trump says the Republican Party will soon be known as “The Healthcare Party”.  That’s a “prime example” of exactly what you are referring to, but it is an example of The Republicans and not The Democrats.  And yet here you are, Howie, trying your damnedest to get Trump re-elected.  (BTW, Trump can’t ‘think’ either, just like you Howie.)  And even the fleeting thought of The Republican Party being known as “the party of health care” is HILARIOUS!  Trump is such a liar, and at times a funny liar at that!   You, Howeird, are just plain stupid.

How weird Howard!  

You are a FUCKING IDIOT Howard,

Go away and “fizzle-out” in relative obscurity Howie.  Please.

Maybe you can go to some doctor and have that ‘probe’ removed from your ass.  Or is that a stick you have up your butt now?  Who really cares, because…


p.s.  Schultzy loves FOX, and FOX loves Schultzy, because FOX knows that Schultzy is trying to help Trumpy get re-elected.  Schultzy is a FAKE who needs caffeine, and he needs it bad!

Howard Schultz says Democrats need ‘a little bit less caffeine’ as …

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