Schultz is FIZZLING?

Howard Schultz is FIZZLING (say some)

Howard Schultz’s 2020 Bid Is Bombing but This Pinstripe Populist Was …

Schultz is offering one of the oldest propositions in politics: A superstar CEO will “run America like a business.” That pitch propelled Donald Trump and offered rationales for other business leaders who have sought the presidency, including Ross Perot, Carly Fiorina and Herman Cain.

A sterling list of LOSERS, just like Howard ‘The Loser’ himself.

Typifying his self-contradictory campaign, he claims Franklin D. Roosevelt as his favorite president while criticizing two cornerstones of the New Deal—activist government funded by progressive taxation and strong unions that even the odds between billionaire bosses and frontline workers.

And yet that EBA (egotistical billionaire asshole) Howeird Schultz has the gaul to criticize a true FDR-like politician, namely Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC).  FDR = The New Deal. AOC = The Green New Deal

Schultz is a LIAR and a LOSER and the sooner he FIZZLES OUT completely the better off America and all Americans will be.  Schultzy needs to go back into obscurity and learn the lessons that Kaiser learned and never run for public office ever again, because Howard Schultz is an EBA (egotistical billionaire asshole) first, last and always!  (And we already have one of those in The White House now who we are trying to get out.)

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